Monday, March 30, 2009

Green Zion

Green Zion! As in "Iron Lion Zion", a place of peace and unity. A physical place or a mental state.
My good friend and musical partner Chris is on bass, making that thing groove like crazy.
I had mucho fun writing this piece, it's some post-modern reggae slash whatever it is. It's always diffcult for me to put a tag on my music, way too many influences.
What should we call this music? What style is it? Any idea?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Labs are down ...

It's a mess! I snapped this picture yesterday as I had to replace a fried motherboard on my main audio computer. As a youngster repairing or upgrading computers was a hobby, I could spend nights tweaking my machines ... well not anymore! But the job had to be done so I dug in. On the other hand I'm glad my machine is not a Mac, that would mean an even longer downtime (no hate mail from Mac fans please, I am typing this on a Mini).

I also took the opportunity to partly rewire the studio, solder some more audio cables and install a few new pieces of gear, so it's still a mess! I can't wait to finish it all up and make the Labs neat and pretty again :))

There's a lot of music I need to post, stay tuned.