Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lexington & 3rd

I was stuck in traffic the other night, trying to escape the city on one of the main avenues and get home. It had been raining all day and the temperature was more of a November evening than a summer night.
After twenty minutes -yes I am that patient- I decided to find a shortcut and save myself the horror of sitting in this monster traffic jam for another hour or so.
Finally, without really knowing my way, I ended up in a part of town I had never been before ... caught in traffic again! Except this time I was in a popular neighborhood where the streets were narrow and the sidewalks crowded. As I sat in my car I was watching people out on the street trying to stay dry, franctically getting in and out of stores, moms struggling with their strollers, some kids wearing raincoats having fun splashing each other, all in all I was given to see some simple scenes of the urban life .
Neon signs and city lights were all blurry because of the light rain on the car's windows. With the windshield wipers and motors providing a steady beat, I got a little introspective and all of a sudden, appeared this very simple melody ... Piano, just piano ... It had to be piano.

I finally got home and jot down the melody before I forgot it. So there it is.
... (of course the jazz lover in me had to add its grain of salt).

It's called "Lexington & 3rd" because you'd end up driving for hours (just like I did that night) if you tried to find that intersection in NYC, the capital of jazz. See how perfect that title fits? ;)
Please share your comments, take a break from the crazyness around us, hit play, close your eyes and tell me what this piece describes to you.


rubendet said...

Great music. I won't mind being stuck on traffic with this music playing in my car.

greddin said...

This is really a great piece of music. I really enjoy listening to it.