Friday, September 19, 2008

The Groeg assignment

This piece is scored as a theme for a FPS (first person shooter) game, you know these games where you have to kill kill kill people! Although they are not my cup of tea I imagined the following scenario:

You, as part of the Special Forces are called upon to defeat a terrorist cell that is based in the small village of Alkhan Yurt, Chechnya.
It is now 0346 hours, your ODA (Operational Detachment Alpha) whose specialty is counter-terrorism has just been deployed in the area and is in stealth mode. Visual contact with the terrorist cell has been established thanks to your NVGs (night vision goggles - do I have to explain everything to you? Gee ... ). A group of five heavily armed men are gathered around a campfire, dissimulated in a cornfield are what looks like eight old Al-Samoud II Iraqi missiles that have been modified to be truck-launched.
The lives of thousands of civilians are at stake. The adrenaline is pumping and your men are ready to go. You have to disable this cell. This is operation "Diving Mosquito" ordered by your old friend General Groeg who is back home waiting to kick your butt if this mission ever fails!

Feel free to comment on the music.


Kristy said...

very nice! I like how you increase the intensity and feeling of paranoia with the pacing rather that resorting to using distortion - which is what i expected when I read the description - it was a very pleasant surprise to not hear that stereotype.

Regis Florida said...

I try to fight cliches with a passion :) Thanks for your comment and your visit Kristy.


Odemus said...

Great music! It would work well with a modern/scifi FPS. The later part of the music (paranoia) would fit well with the sense of confusion and fear associated with fighting an unknown enemy.

Great job...keep it coming!